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EuroCup Festival 2017

To deliver a memorable festival-style event that motivates and energises over 3,200 frontline staff whilst ensuring the event is bigger and better than previous years. 

To entertain, engage and motivate employees, increasing employee affinity 

Provide touch-points that allow a target of 85% of the attendees to get direct contact with the global senior management, along with various platforms throughout the event that allow people to learn about the company goals.

Provide every attendee with a positive & uplifting experience.

Demonstrate to the Global Management Board how much their people get out of a celebration like EuroCup.

To invite more attendees than EuroCup 2017 but to reduce the overall budget

Incorporate more interactive technology into the event and have more activities for attendees to partake in.

What did we do?
Created a bespoke registration site and managed the complete logistics and accommodation for 3,200 people.

Created the festival website and the social media strategy.

Produced all digital and print design assets for the campaign.

Edited and provided video content to be used across the client’s communication channels in the build-up to the event.

Worked alongside DHL in building the EuroCup app, which was shared with all attendees. 

Designed and managed the complete production of the 4-day festival, including branding, set & stage, entertainment, AV and merchandise.

Organised football and cheerleading tournaments for over 75 teams. 

Set-up an onsite media suite for our film and photography crews so that they could capture the event and produce same day edits for online distribution.

Incorporated more activities, built a larger space including an outdoor bar for evening parties and had a greater catering choice than 2016 & 2017. 

Live streamed football and cheerleading finals to increase wider engagement. 

Past & Present Clients


"No matter the brief - The team delivers. Working within tight budgets and timeline challenges it never seems to hold the team back and always providing so much attention to detail. Brand Brewery has always delivered exceptional events and just when you think it's the best event ever they always come right back again with something better - raising the bar each time".
Head of Sponsorship and Communication, DHL

Carbon Trust

"They are a continual source of creativity and concepts that help us produce and deliver on fan and sponsor based projects. Their ability to understand our club's aims and turn this into reality is never limited by budget or timescales".
Sponsorship Manager, Harlequins

"Brand Brewery managed and produced our flagship awards ceremony, taking it up to the next level. From start to finish they gave us a fantastic service tailored precisely to our specifications while going the extra mile to ensure a professional and polished delivery on the night. We have had exceptional feedback from our guests this year as a result and couldn't recommend them highly enough".
Head of Food Business, CIWF

Compassion in World Farming
Extreme State

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to you both, for getting our signature office product off the ground. Without your inspiration and creativity we would not have brought this to life and added significant revenues to our business, with even more encouraging forecasts for the year ahead".
Revenue Director, MWB Business Exchange

MWB Business Exchange

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