Global Virtual Event


The annual Spotify “Raising The Volume” event was a global recruitment evening for women and non-binary people. We were tasked with simultaneously delivering a live and globally streamed event from London aligning with events in Stockholm and New York. Our mission was to ensure the quality matched Spotify’s reputation which, in turn showcased the diverse and exceptional speakers.


The brand was already established so our role was to develop screen content and align the look and feel at the venue, across staging and dressing. All touchpoints needed to have consistency within the venue, but also align with the events in Stockholm and New York.


The event was a chance to celebrate the international speakers and engage potential new rising stars with Spotify. Our focus was on delivering the messaging and meeting the requirements of the client and the guests throughout the experience.


Hosted at Spotify’s headquarters, we delivered ‘silent disco’ style technology to allow guests to be able to listen to different content streams, giving maximum flexibility and choice for the attendee. We were responsible for the seamless streaming and delivery of content, guaranteeing them access to the most relevant, real-time content whether it was coming from London, Stockholm or New York.